About Us

We got started in the beard oil biz because there is nothing better than a great looking, healthy beard! It is also quite astonishing how many men with beards don't realize they should be using some sort of oil to keep it healthy.

We tried many of the products out there and found some good ones...and some not so good ones. To that end we endeavored to develop our own formula. We tried many types of raw oils to see which ones had the best qualities for keeping beards healthy and under control. As a result of our tireless testing (and plenty of beard stroking) we developed our formula made of Avocado, Argan and Jojoba oils. What makes this combination of oils so special is what's inside.  Here is a breakdown of the benefits each oil provides.

Avocado Oil

  • Avocado Oil is known to be rich in vitamin E and the essential fatty acid Oleic Acid (C18:1). Avocado Oil's moisturizing abilities make it a solid candidate for cosmetic and soap formulas targeting dry skin. It is believed to also contain regenerating qualities and natural protection against the Sun. 

Argan Oil

  • Argan Oil’s naturally occurring Vitamin E and antioxidant content contributes to its unique moisturizing and skin nourishment abilities. The oil is also rich in Oleic (C18:1) and Linoleic (C18:2) essential fatty acids. These properties combined are believed to possess anti-aging benefits when applied to the skin. Argan Oil is commonly used in hair applications as it is believed to lead to healthier hair. 

Jojoba Oil

  • Jojoba Oil is a unique oil known for its long chain monosaturated wax esters. Used widely in the personal care and cosmetic industries. Jojoba Oil is one of the more stable oils and is known to be a good lubricant with excellent moisturizing ability. The properties of Jojoba Oil closely resemble human sebum which is a natural skin lubricant and moisturizer produced by the body. Applications for Jojoba Oil have included massage oils, lotions, soaps, lip balms, creams, shampoos, conditioners, etc.

We started with our original unscented formula which combines all the benefits these oils have to offer. We then thought maybe some light scent might be nice so we developed our other great formulas, Sandalwood, Tea Tree and Leather.  Each is a unique and manly scent (especially the leather!) that is light and not overpowering.  One thing we didn't want is to be smelling our beard oil all day! Every bottle is made by hand, no fancy machines here.

BEARd Logo 

We wanted to say a few words about our BEARd Logo. It is something we are quite proud of and have gotten plenty of compliments about. As a proud member of the bear community, we thought it important to try and include an ursine aspect into it.  The result is our smirking BEARded bear. Now available on various shirts and hats, with more planned in the future.


Wanting to carry BEARd Oil in your store or barber shop? We have wholesale pricing available! Send us a note to customerservice@beardoilco.com and ask for our wholesale price list.



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