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"I began using BEARd Oil in December 2013 in an effort to 'tame' my unruly beard. Since I have been using it, my beard is fuller, more manageable and aesthetically more appealing. People compliment my beard more than they ever did in the past and I owe this to BEARd Oil.  It's simple to use daily and enhances the attractiveness of your beard. I highly recommend this product for anyone who has a beard." 

Steve B. - Chicago, IL


"What a great product! I have been looking for the right product for years to help my beard lay down and nothing has really worked until I found BEARd Oil. Not only does it lay my beard down, it conditions and softens it as well. I love it and use it everyday."

Brett A. - Grand Rapids, MI


"My beard is so much softer from using BEARd Oil. I catch myself touching it all the time!!"

Dan E. - Madison, WI


"I'm not a product guy, at all, but I have seen what BEARd Oil has done for my beard and for others and it is SIGNIFICANT enough that I have been and will be using it daily from now on.  I'm hooked!"

Jeff W. - Chicago, IL


"LOVING my new oils!!!! Tried the teatree scent last night and wearing leather today!!!!
​LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!!!"

Conrad S. - Albuquerque, NM 


"Makes my mo look less like roadkill glued onto my face and more manageable :0) The brush is great too, makes a huge difference."

Antony D. - Sydney, Australia



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